July 15, 2016 Corey Smith

Enjoy some Summer Street Fair Fun with SFHAC

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) has a long-standing tradition of finding different ways to engage the community. Whether through attendance at neighborhood meetings, participating in brown-bag forums, or speaking on panels, it’s so important for us to understand the priorities of the citizens in our great city. Recently, we’ve increased our efforts to attend street fairs as a way to talk to folks about their neighborhoods. Through our ‘Mad-Libs’, we’ve captured some great examples of what makes San Francisco so fantastic; here are a few gems:

“I love my neighborhood because it’s walkable.” – Trevor, a one-month resident of the Western Addition 

“I love my neighborhood because of its history.” – Katie, an 18-year resident of Telegraph Hill

“I appreciate my neighborhood because the small businesses and building art make it feel like a community space.” – Devon, a two-year resident of the Upper Haight 

“I like my neighborhood because of the location, access to major hospitals, and good transportation.” – Jettie, a 43-year resident of NOPA 

“I love my neighborhood because of the community spirit.”  – Julie, a 17-year resident of Bernal Heights

These street fairs are great opportunities for SFHAC to engage with the community, but they also present a challenge. A small staff means we need volunteers to talk to neighbors so they share their stories and get involved with SFHAC. Last month at the Haight Ashbury Street Fair, the Friends of SFHAC came out in record numbers and made the day really successful. Now, it’s your chance!

SFHAC will have a booth at the upcoming, Nihonmachi Street Fair in Japantown on Saturday, August 6th and Sunday the 7th. We’re looking for 12 volunteers over both days, each for 2.5 hours. You’ll be asked to, 1) Have fun! 2) Talk with the fair-goers about their neighborhoods, and 3) Help us collect their contact information so SFHAC can grow its advocacy network.

Volunteer At SFHAC’s Booth!

We encourage you to bring your significant other, your kids, or anyone else that wants to spend a little weekend time at one of the City’s great street fairs.

Thank you so much, see you on the street!

Are you interested in becoming an advocate for more housing in San Francisco? Then become a member! We have options for individuals and businesses of all levels.

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Corey Smith

Corey Smith is HAC's Executive Director and can be reached at corey@housingactioncoalition.org.

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