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Why does HAC advocate for building new housing?

The HAC and our members believe that we have not built the amount of housing needed to meet our housing demands. On average, the City has been producing 1,500 new homes annually, when in fact we need to be building about 5,000 to keep up with population growth.

How are we funded?

We are a 501c3 member-supported non-profit organization that advocates for increasing the supply of new housing. We receive funding through annual membership dues and two fundraisers that are held each spring and fall. Our members are a diverse collection of organizations, businesses and individuals, including both market-rate and affordable housing developers.

In 2015 we created a new individual membership category – Friends of the HAC – to give more San Franciscans ways to engage in the civic dialog around housing production.

All our Business and Organization Members are listed here.

Does HAC support building affordable housing?

Yes, we strongly believe in building affordable housing. We advocate for housing at all levels of affordability, from very-low-income housing to market-rate housing. The HAC, along with then Supervisor Leno, wrote the original inclusionary housing law in 2002 that mandates market-rate housing developers must provide affordable housing with every market-rate project. The HAC was part of the 2012 Housing Trust Fund that funds the construction of affordable housing. And we will continue to find ways to fund and supply more affordable housing.

Which neighborhoods does HAC work in?

Because housing is built Bay Area-wide, we work all over the Bay Area. The HAC is interested in new neighborhood area plans especially around transit corridors.

Does HAC support rent control in San Francisco?

The HAC focuses our advocacy entirely on the production of new housing. As an organization we’ve never taken a position either for or against rent control, tenancies in common (TICs) or the Ellis Act.

Does HAC support more height and density?

Yes, we support thoughtful, planned increases in height and density that create vibrant, livable neighborhoods. Good housing policy is not a one-size-fits-all solution – what’s appropriate in one neighborhood might not work in another.

Often people say San Francisco is “completely built out.” In fact, there is abundant underutilized land, especially along transit corridors, that could provide thousand of new homes and keep families in San Francisco.

With more housing, the city will need improved transit infrastructure to support population growth. Does HAC advocate for transit improvements?

Yes. Increased housing supply needs good transit, pedestrian and biking options in order for neighborhoods to be healthy and balanced. The HAC advocates for more tools to fund transit and we have been working with City agencies on best practices to allocate fees from residential development to be used to fund transit infrastructure.

How does building luxury and market-rate housing help our housing crisis?

The Housing Action Coalition advocates for building housing at all levels of affordability. Our work improves on housing policies that will result in the production of all types of housing, from affordable to middle-income to market-rate and luxury. Market-rate housing provides a major subsidy for affordable below-market-rate housing (BMRs). The supply of new housing — at any level — helps reduce demand on our existing housing stock.

Does HAC support every proposal a developer presents?

No. The Housing Action Coalition has a Project Review Committee with a formal process of guidelines in which we review, provide feedback to the developer and grade the project. Details about our Project Review process can be found here.

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