July 30, 2019 Housing Action Coalition

SFHAC is All In to Fight Homelessness


The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition joined advocates, organizations, neighbors, and businesses from across the city in Duboce Park on Thursday to announce that we’re joining All In, a new coalition-led campaign mobilizing San Francisco residents to advance solutions to homelessness here in San Francisco. The campaign is powered by Tipping Point, which has already committed $100 million towards addressing long-term homelessness in San Francisco. 

Experts and individuals with lived experience know what works. San Francisco needs more homes and supportive services, and the only way we can deliver these solutions at the speed and scale we need is if every person in every zip code goes all in.

The progressive values our city purports to stand by have to be paid more than just lip service; the All In campaign believes as SFHAC does that every neighborhood in San Francisco needs to do its part. The campaign’s goal of securing 1100 housing units in every district in San Francisco would go a long way towards putting our money where our mouths are. At SFHAC, we believe that delaying housing for people experiencing homelessness hurts society financially and morally.


The SFHAC Team is All In

If the bitter and politicized struggle to approve the new Embarcadero Navigation Center has shown us anything, it is that some wealthy residents balk at actually providing services and housing to San Franciscans experiencing homelessness if those supportive services are in their upscale neighborhoods. As one of the wealthiest and most innovative cities, San Francisco has the resources to address homelessness. We can build and provide stable housing and services when we’re All In. Learn more about the campaign:

The non-profit trusted to achieve this goal will be HAC member, Brilliant Corners. Brilliant Corners focuses on creating financial incentives for homeowners and landlord to rent to our most vulnerable neighbors. By providing rental assistance and wrap-around services while taking on potential risk, Brilliant Corners has a history of success when it comes to housing people. While each individual’s need is different, the organizations experience gives us optimism that we can solve this problem together. We’re all in.

Brilliant Corners and SFHAC Executive Directors Bill Pickel and Todd David are All In!


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