September 26, 2016 Tim Colen

SFHAC November 2016 Voter Guide

The most important action San Franciscans can take to address the housing crisis is vote in the local election on November 8th. There are six measures related directly to housing and land use in our city. The SFHAC Ballot Analysis Committee analyzed the propositions and formed the following recommendations. Read our brief summaries or download the complete pro-housing voter guide to take with you to the polls.

Download the SFHAC Voter Guide

Prop C: Loans to Finance Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing – YES
Prop C is a sensible program to create funding to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Prop M: Housing and Development Commission – NO, NO, NO
Prop M is an expensive, redundant addition to City bureaucracy that will make it slower and more difficult to approve new housing.

Prop O: Office Development in Candlestick Point and Hunters Point – YES
Prop O is a sensible plan to jumpstart housing production and avoid process delays in an important voter-approved development.

Prop P: Competitive Bidding for City-Owned Affordable Housing Projects – NO
Prop P is an unnecessary proposal that increases uncertainty to production of badly needed affordable housing and risks unintended consequences.

Prop U: Middle-Income Eligibility For Affordable Housing – NO POSITION
We agree our City desperately needs more middle-income housing, but it’s not clear if Prop U is the best way to do it.

Prop X: Replacement of PDR Space In Certain Neighborhoods – NO, NO, NO
Prop X is intended to prevent building housing in certain neighborhoods while making dubious claims that it’ll protect space for artists and non-profits.

Tim Colen

Tim is a Senior Advisor to SFHAC and the former Executive Director. His passions, in no particular order, include urban environmental issues, politics and baseball. A really cool future job would be comparative studies of cities around the world. He can be reached at

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