May 2, 2016 Jodie Medeiros

SFHAC’s 2016 Policy Agenda

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) works to solve San Francisco’s housing crisis by creating new housing opportunities for all SF residents at all income levels. Our City needs more affordable, middle-income and market-rate housing, as well as a diversity of housing types for both renters and buyers. The SFHAC wants to ensure that all the housing we build is well-designed and integrated with transportation and infrastructure improvements. There are many ways we can tackle this issue.

Here’s where the SFHAC will be focusing our energy in 2016:

Ensure that changes to the Inclusionary Housing percentage makes sense

Major changes have been proposed to the rules governing how new market-rate housing contributes affordable housing. The SFHAC’s voice is needed to ensure that the resulting framework still supports robust housing production by both the private and nonprofit sectors. We need more of both, so the rules must be balanced to maximize affordable resources without impeding market-rate development.

Pass the Affordable Housing Bonus Program

Developers should be incentivized to include more affordable housing in new housing. It’s sensible policy – that’s why it is required under state density bonus law. The SFHAC will continue to push for local adoption of density bonuses.

Reform Inclusionary Housing rules so that the system works better

With SFHAC’s participation, the Mayor’s Housing Working Group proposed changes to the Inclusionary rules governing the Inclusionary “Dial” and Off-Site projects. Unfortunately, these efforts have floundered while we debate non-market-based “solutions”, like a housing moratorium. These proposals should be dusted off and brought to public hearings.

Combat displacement by preserving older housing

We will support development of programs to protect residents at risk of displacement by purchasing existing older multifamily buildings and adding them to the city’s permanently affordable housing stock.

Continue pushing for sensible use of public land to promote affordable housing

Public sites such as Balboa Reservoir have the potential to provide significant amounts of housing, and because the public owns the land, there could be more flexibility to make a larger percentage of it affordable.

Continue to support innovation in housing types

When space is limited and costs are high, we must find ways to build new housing within existing constraints. The construction of new ADUs, group housing and micro-units should be encouraged because they provide housing options at naturally lower price points.

The SF Housing Action Coalition cannot do our work alone. We rely on our business, organizational and Friends of SFHAC members, as well as community stakeholders, and city government to be part of designing the policies and practices that will best achieve these stated goals. Together we will reach our vision of a city that’s affordable for both current and future residents.

If you are not a member of the SFHAC, we invite you to join us in our work. There’s a membership category for every size business and community group. Our Friends of SFHAC membership is designed for individual residents who care about the future of San Francisco and want to take part in the conversation.

Jodie Medeiros

Jodie is the former Deputy Director of SFHAC.

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