May 26, 2023 Housing Action Coalition

Regulatory Committee Recap | Rachael Tanner and Mark Loper

On May 10th the Committee was joined by San Francisco Planning Commission President Rachael Tanner, who provided insights into housing element implementation, downtown revitalization efforts, and economic factors impacting housing production. San Francisco is undergoing its fair set of challenges, but President Tanner expressed optimism at the sense of urgency and progress the city is making. While we might not see a swoon of development given current economic realities, a successful Housing Element implementation will lay the groundwork for longer-term progress.

Mark Loper, a partner at Reuben Junius and Rose, provided updates on the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP). The plan, launched in 2015, will allow for up to 29,100 new residential units and places an emphasis on racial equity, culture keeping, public realm inclusiveness and economic opportunity. The Zoning Incentive Program (ZIP) allows for zoning incentives in exchange for a variety of community benefits (such as public restrooms, on-site BMR units and BMR ground floor commercial space). The program’s efficacy faces uncertainty as there has not been recent financial feasibility studies since the pandemic.

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