October 5, 2016 Rob Poole

Brisbane Mayor Lentz Responds to Baylands Annexation Idea

Brisbane MayorWe recently reported that the City of Brisbane is pushing for a massive development with up to two million square feet of office space, and ZERO HOUSING, at their Baylands site. When asked where all those new workers who will be drawn to that business center will live, Brisbane Mayor Clifford Lentz told the SF Chronicle, “We’ll provide the commercial, San Francisco will provide the housing.” Well, that wasn’t well received by housing activists or even the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In fact, Supervisor Jane Kim even introduced the idea of San Francisco annexing the 680 acres at Brisbane Baylands if the City pursues a plan without housing. In response, Mayor Lentz attended a Board of Supervisors hearing on Tuesday, October 4 to respond to the idea. Here’s what he had to say. (FYI, his comments start 35 seconds in.)

If you think Brisbane should include housing in their plans for the Baylands, sign our petition!

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Rob Poole

Rob is the former Development and Communications Manager at SFHAC.

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