January 9, 2015 Housing Action Coalition

Making New Friends in 2015

Everyone’s talking about the housing crisis in San Francisco – and no wonder! We’re in the midst of an affordability crisis that affects the lives of too many of us. Housing supply hasn’t met demand, which has forced up housing prices and ultimately driven away too many people who want to live here.

For the last 15 years, the SF Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) has been the only local non-profit that promotes building more housing at all levels of affordability. Building more housing results in an increased supply, better affordability and more housing choices for everyone.

While we’ve been successful working with the business community, neighborhood groups and urban livability nonprofits, this year we are kicking our housing advocacy up a notch. For the first time ever, we’re inviting individuals to become Friends of SFHAC! 

Through this new membership category, we’ll connect Friends of SFHAC members with business leaders and decision-makers so together we can find solutions to our city’s housing challenges. Friends of SFHAC will be empowered to voice their support for building new housing across San Francisco. It is time everyone who believes San Francisco should be building new housing have a forum to be heard.

2015 promises to be a critical year for the housing crunch. A number of policy solutions, focused on middle-income housing, are in the works at City Hall and will move the needle on the housing affordability crisis. How great will it be when Supervisors start touting how many pro-housing emails and letters they’ve received? Or when more pro-housing supporters speak at the Planning Commission?

Besides direct advocacy, we have six customized tours coming up, specifically for Friends of SFHAC, to preview what’s to come in the neighborhoods. Plus, Friends of SFHAC are invited to join us on all sneak-peek tours of new buildings, happy hours and other events. All perks of membership can be found here.

Friends of SFHAC will change the conversation around housing in San Francisco in 2015. Won’t you become a Friend of SFHAC? 

Sign me up. I want to join Friends of SFHAC!


Image credit: Russ Levi Photography | russlevi.com

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The Housing Action Coalition is a member-supported non-profit that advocates for the creation of well designed, well-located housing at all levels of affordability. We believe more housing means more choices and better solutions.

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