March 1, 2021 Housing Action Coalition

Sacramento Update

HAC began 2021 working closely with our partners in the Home Builders Coalition to pinpoint our legislative priorities and enlist support from lawmakers. 

Now as the Senate and Assembly get ready to begin hearings on housing issues on March 18, below is a (very) short summary of bills we’re actively supporting. We’re also especially excited to be primary or co-sponsors of Senate Bill 649, Assembly Bill 571, and Assembly Bill 1143. Learn more about all the bills through the legislature’s online portal

  • Senate Bill 7 – Extending AB 900, this bill would require a lead agency to prepare a master EIR for a general plan, plan amendment, plan element, or specific plan for housing projects where the state has provided funding for the preparation of the master EIR. 
  • Senate Bill 8 – Updates the State Density Bonus Law, details are TBD but this will serve as a SB 330 “clean up” bill.
  • Senate Bill 9Would require a proposed housing development containing two residential units within a single-family residential zone to be considered ministerially, without discretionary review or hearing, if the proposed housing development meets certain requirements.
  • Senate Bill 10 – Allows local governments to zone any parcel for up to ten homes and exempt the project from CEQA regulations. 
  • Senate Bill 477 Requires a planning agency to include in that annual report specified information on costs, standards, and applications for proposed housing development projects and specified information on housing development projects within the jurisdiction.
  • Senate Bill 478 – Prohibits a local agency, as defined, from imposing specified standards, including a minimum lot size that exceeds an unspecified number of square feet on parcels zoned for at least 2, but not more than 4, units or a minimum lot size that exceeds an unspecified number of square feet on parcels zoned for at least 5, but not more than 10, units.
  • Senate Bill 617 – Requires cities to allow online permitting and virtual inspections for solar panels.
  • Senate Bill 649 – Allows cities to create neighborhood preference legislation.
  • Assembly Bill 571 – Prohibits fees on bonus units.
  • Assembly Bill 919 This bill, notwithstanding that 10-year limitation period, would shorten the timeframe in which an action may be brought, for underlying construction projects using a skilled and trained workforce, as defined, to no more than 5 years after substantial completion of the improvement but no later than the date the notice of completion is recorded.
  • Assembly Bill 1401 Would prohibit a local government from imposing a minimum parking requirement, or enforcing a minimum parking requirement, on residential, commercial, or other development if the development is located on a parcel that is within one-half mile walking distance of public transit, as defined, or located within a low-vehicle miles traveled area, as defined.
  • Assembly Bill 1143 – Allows cities to create neighborhood preference legislation.

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