Bay Area Housing 101

Do you ever wonder why Bay Area housing is the most expensive in the country? You probably have, which is why HAC created our one-hour Bay Area Housing 101 program to answer your questions about All Things Housing. We’ll explain why the Bay Area is experiencing an affordability and displacement crisis of epic proportions and what we can do together to help alleviate it.

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Megan Trotter


“HAC’s presentation on Bay Area Housing 101 was incredibly helpful for our staff in better understanding the current housing situation, how we got here, and where we we can go from here.”

Efrem Bycer

Code For America

“Housing is one of the most discussed, debated, and hotly contested issues in San Francisco. It’s also very complex. Housing 101 breaks the housing issue into digestible components so that everyone, whether they’re new to the housing issue or already well-versed, can understand how we got here and what our paths forward may be.”

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