June 7, 2016 Jodie Medeiros

It Is Time to Pass the AHBP!

The Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP) is going to a vote on Monday, June 13th. The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to tell your supervisor to support smart housing policy, like the AHBP, to keep San Francisco a diverse city for people of all income levels. Time to speak up! Make and share your 30-second video! Quick and easy. You have the power to make a real difference! #SupportAHBP

(Note: Only San Francisco zip codes will work.)

10 Reasons to Support the Affordable Housing Bonus Program

100% Affordable Housing Benefits

  1. Produces more homes for families of 4 earning less than $61k annually
  2. Builds more affordable housing by adding three extra floors instead of two
  3. Cuts ‘red-tape’ and streamlines the permitting process

Mixed-Income Housing Benefits

  1. Establishes the City’s first middle-income housing program for individuals earning up to $85k annually
  2. Builds 30% permanently affordable housing that does not cost taxpayers anything
  3. Does not demolish existing housing or rent-controlled apartments
  4. Prioritizes building housing on parking lots and gas stations
  5. Encourages density 1/4 mile from transit and within commercial districts
  6. Follows design guidelines to preserve neighborhood character
  7. Requires 40% 2-bedroom homes, so more families can stay in San Francisco

Don’t want to make a video? Sign the AHBP petition to get us to 1000 supporters!

Are you interested in becoming an advocate for more housing in San Francisco? Then become a member! We have options for individuals and businesses of all levels.

Jodie Medeiros

Jodie is the former Deputy Director of SFHAC.

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