July 20, 2015 Housing Action Coalition

Which Supervisors Are Helping and Hurting Our Housing Crisis?

The SF Moderates are an all-volunteer, non-partisan political action committee that advocates for San Francisco values and common sense solutions. They launched their first-ever Housing Report Card this week that will be mailed to 35,000 voters in San Francisco. It is obvious that the crisis demands strong leadership to speed up production of new homes to increase our housing supply. The Report Card clearly illustrates which supervisors have led with solutions and which ones continue to defend the status quo or, worse, erect new roadblocks to building new housing.

The SF Housing Action Coalition helped advise on key housing policy issues that the SF Moderates used in their questionnaire. The supervisor’s grades were based on their survey responses and on their record of their votes on recent key housing issues, such as the Mission moratorium.

Full Survey And Responses Can Be Found Here

Mike Sullivan, a board member of SF Moderates said higher grades were given to supervisors “who understand that the laws of supply and demand apply to San Francisco and the most important thing we can do in a housing crisis is to produce more housing at every level of affordability.” Mr. Sullivan continued, “Housing subsidies — whether they’re inclusionary housing requirements or direct government subsidies — have a role. But, we’ll never be able to achieve housing affordability without significant increases in housing supply.”  The SFHAC agrees entirely!

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