February 2, 2015 Housing Action Coalition

Meet Your Friends of SFHAC Neighbor: Beth Williams

beth_williams friendsJust like we would with our neighbors, the SF Housing Action Coalition got to know one of its newest Friends of SFHAC, Beth Williams, to learn about why she became a member.

Her story:
I’m an urbanist coffee loving family physician who lives part of the week in Palo Alto and part of the week Potrero Hill, San Francisco. I’m married with a grown son and daughter who we raised in Palo Alto. When they left for college, we started spending more time in San Francisco, and a year and a half ago, we bought a condo on Potrero Hill.

What do you love about your Potrero Hill?
Christopher’s Books, which is open every day until 9 PM. The wonderful smells from Anchor Steam, the first microbrewery in the US. The chickens who live in the community garden (the first in San Francisco). Vermont Street which is the crookedest street in SF (not Lombard!). The shipyard where I sometimes see enormous ships docked for repairs. Front Cafe (coffee). The Whole Foods which is the friendliest I have ever shopped in and has its own Steep Brew (10 microbrews always on tap). The 18th Street pedi-bridge to the Mission. The calf-enhancing hills. The mix of manufacturing and residences. The Center for the Book. The Neighborhood House designed by Julia Morgan, and the Thick House Theatre. I love it all!

What attracted you to become a Friends of SFHAC member?
I first heard about the SFHAC through the SF Bicycle Coalition. Last fall, I went on a tour sponsored by the SF Housing Action Coalition and SF Bike where we biked to several examples of housing + community art. Then I went on another SFHAC tour of new housing at various stages of development in Dogpatch, where architects and city officials talked about how the projects evolved.

I really learned a lot about my neighborhood and city on these tours, and was pleased when I could become a Friend of the SFHAC to be invited to go on more just by joining for $50 for the full year.

What are you most looking forward to getting out of your Friends of SFHAC membership?
Walking and biking around SF, I see new buildings in progress, but even in my own neighborhood, I’m often not sure what is being built. I look forward to learning more about the ins and outs behind new housing and why particular choices were made. Friends of SFHAC events will make that possible.


Just like Beth, you can become a Friend of SFHAC member and get free access to all of our housing and neighborhood tours. Get sneak-peeks inside those projects you’ve watched grow from the ground up and meet the people behind the scenes. Just one of many Friends of SFHAC membership perks.

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