February 23, 2015 Housing Action Coalition

Why Mission District neighbor Eric Tuvel joined Friends of SFHAC

ericJust like we would with our neighbors, the SF Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) got to know one of its newest Friends of SFHAC members, Eric Tuvel. This Mission District neighbor is curious about new construction in his neighborhood and joined Friends of SFHAC to support the much needed advocacy work to bring new housing to SF which is affordable to all incomes.

Eric’s story:
I moved to San Francisco a little over two and a half years ago from New Jersey. For that entire time I’ve been a renter in the same apartment in the Mission District. I live with 4 other people, and that totally works for me, as someone who works for a local non-profit advocacy group in SF and wants to keep my housing costs reasonable.

What do you love about living in the Mission District?
The Mission is a great place to live. There is a lot to do no matter what you’re into. It’s convenient to transit, bike and walk and not too far from any part of the city.

What attracted you to join as a Friends of SFHAC member?
Being a Friend of SFHAC will help fund the much needed advocacy work to bring new housing to our city which is affordable to all income levels. As a staff member of a non-profit, I understand that a lot of the advocacy work that has to go on to get things done at the city level. It’s great to live in a city with such great organizations that are working tirelessly everyday to improve our city. $50 a year is a low bar for all the perks of a Friends of SFHAC membership.

What do you hope to get out of your Friends membership?
I’m excited to attend more events with SFHAC. I am always curious about all the new construction and buildings go up in the city and hope to take advantage of the housing tours to learn about new projects. I also hope to get more engaged in understanding what is happening from a policy perspective around new housing in San Francisco.

What do you think we need to do in San Francisco to improve the housing crisis?
I think the housing issues in San Francisco are not only about what’s happening in SF and more people from around the Bay Area need to come together to work on solutions. The Bay Area’s population will continue to grow and housing needs to be built throughout the region with careful planning and policy in mind. This process should be a regional effort to keep the Bay Area affordable and a place that people can live, work, and visit.

On Thursday, May 21st, you can join Friends of SFHAC members like Eric at the SFHAC Spring Forum where we will be discussing Regional Solutions: A Conversation with the Bay Area’s Three Big City Mayors. Become a Friend of SFHAC member to be eligible for deeply discounted tickets to this event and attend many others for free. Like Eric, you’ll also be supporting the advocacy work needed to bring new housing to SF which is affordable to all income levels.

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