August 20, 2019 Housing Action Coalition

SFHAC Members, Guests Explore Potrero Power Station Project, Tour Areas Planned for Creative Reuse Normally Closed to Public

SFHAC members and guests were treated to another sneak peak of an in-the-work project to build more homes in San Francisco, exploring a former power station building and historic stack planned for renovation and rehabilitation as part of a multi-year cleanup of a more than 6 acre site.

The project plans for several creative reuses of the existing space, including repurposing steam pipes into elevated pedestrian walkways.

SFHAC tours are always free for members and we aim to make them accessible to everyone; reach out to for more information.

That cement structure on top of the old office building? A women’s restroom, added in the 1970’s.

SFHAC interns joined the cohort treated to an exclusive look at the substation platform.

Cleanup of the previously industrial site continues as the team of builders, investors, developers and tradespeople continue their efforts to create the hundreds of homes the project promises to offer. If you’d like to join a tour, make sure to sign up for our newsletter and if you have a project you’d be willing to let SFHAC members check out, please reach out to Nico at or 415-541-9001.



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