June 6, 2016 Rob Poole

Nominate a 2016 Housing Hero

Every year, the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition recognizes worthy individuals and developments that have made exceptional contributions to building housing at all levels of affordability in San Francisco. In the fall, we’ll celebrate them with a big party at our 14th annual Housing Heroes Awards. Mark your calendars for this year’s event!

14th Annual Housing Heroes Awards
San Francisco Veterans War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
Green Room
401 Van Ness Avenue
September 28, 2016

Here is your chance to nominate a person, team, organization or residential development that deserves the title of 2016 Housing Hero. You can send up to two nominations. Tell us about the their accomplishments and why you believe they have earned the award. Send in your choice(s) by June 17.

Nominate Your 2016 Housing Hero(es)

The winner(s) will be announced in mid-July. Spread the word about the event using #2016HousingHeroes.

Past Housing Heroes:
2015 – Supervisor Scott Wiener and Barbara Gualco (Lifetime achievement)
2014 – John Stewart & Gordon Chin (Lifetime achievement)
2013 – Mayor Lee & Oz Erickson (Lifetime achievement)
2012 – Don Falk and Ron Miguel (Lifetime achievement)
2011 – Treasure Island and Parkmerced Developments: Kofi Bonner, Sup. David Chiu, Craig Hartman, Seth Mallen, Christopher Meany, Michael Yarne
2010 – Hunters Point Shipyard: Sophie Maxwell, Kofi Bonner, Michael Cohen
2009 – Planning Commissioners, Ron Miguel & Christina Olague
2008 – David Baker & Dan Solomon
2007 – Marcia Rosen & Sup. Chris Daly
2006 – Art Evans
2005 – Dean Macris
2004 – Dianne Spaulding
2003 – Sup. Mark Leno

Photo: 2015 Housing Heroes Supervisor Scott Wiener and Barbara Gualco with SFHAC Executive Director Tim Colen
Russ Levi Photography |

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Rob Poole

Rob is the former Development and Communications Manager at SFHAC.

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