September 13, 2018 Housing Action Coalition

SFHAC Takes Positions On State and Local Ballot Measures

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition makes the following recommendations for state and local ballot measures in November 2018.

State Prop 1: Support

Summary of Prop: Authorizes the sale of $4 billion in bonds to finance existing housing programs, as well as infrastructure work and grants to match a local housing trust fund dollar-to-dollar. One-quarter of this $4 billion would help veterans purchase farms, homes and mobile homes.

Analysis: This $4 billion bond was part of Senate Bill 3 (part of the Housing Package SFHAC supported).  It’s being supported by a large coalition and will help fund much needed housing across the state. Vote Yes on Prop 1

State Prop 2: Support

Summary of Prop: Frees up $2 billion in bonds to pay to build housing that includes mental health services for chronically homeless people. The original bonds are part of the Mental Health Services Act, approved by voters in 2004 to provide mental health services to Californians. Legislators tried to appropriate this money two years ago, but that law has been tied up in courts ever since.

Analysis: Similar to Prop 1, this was part of the Housing Package that SFHAC supported last year. Vote Yes on Prop 2

State Prop 6:  Oppose

Summary of Prop: Repeals a 2017 transportation law’s tax and fee provisions that pay for repairs and improvements to local roads, state highways, and public transportation. Requires the Legislature to submit any measure enacting specified taxes or fees on gas or diesel fuel, or on the privilege to operate a vehicle on public highways, to the electorate for approval.

Analysis: While SFHAC has traditionally not taken positions outside of housing, there are certain transportation issues that require our attention. In this case, repealing the “Gas Tax” would have a significant negative impact on our state’s ability to grow. Vote No on Prop 6.

State Prop 10: Oppose

Summary of Prop: Repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and its ban on certain types of rent control, including protections for tenants of single-family homes, condos and apartments built after 1995.

Analysis: SFHAC’s core belief is that creating housing at all levels of affordability is the best way to address the Bay Area’s affordability and displacement crisis. There is strong agreement that the passage of Prop 10 would be a major disincentive to home creation, and therefore, we oppose it.

At SFHAC, we understand that “affordability” is a complex issue with many problems and solutions. We know that there have been efforts in the past to reform Costa-Hawkins through the legislature and we believe there are some common-sense changes to rent control laws that could be positive. We would advocate for working with our local elected officials and the greater pro-housing community to flush out supportable concepts.  

This ballot measure is an example of how “Ballot Box Planning” could have a significant negative impact on new housing. The Terner Center has some thoughts on finding common ground. Vote No on Prop 10.

Local (San Francisco) Prop C: Support

Summary of Prop: Additional tax on gross receipts of businesses above $50 million between .175 or .69% “depending on the business activities” to go into a new special fund. The “Fund” would be used for: up to 50% to permanent, supportive housing/up to 10% short term shelter/up to 15% for services for recently homeless/up to 25% for mental health services

Analysis: Building more housing for our most vulnerable residents and neighbors is critical in our City. In most circumstances, we think it’s best to build broad, consensus based coalitions to tackle big problems like homelessness. While we understand the financial impact this would have on San Francisco businesses, creating additional supportive housing is a must as homelessness has reached a crisis level. Vote Yes on Prop C

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