Brisbane Baylands

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The Brisbane Baylands is a 684-acre former landfill located directly south of San Francisco city limits. As our region and state tries to manage the affordability and displacement crisis, it is essential that we maximize the opportunity for housing on the limited land we have left. For more than a year, the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC) has been actively following deliberations at Brisbane City Hall about the future of the Baylands. Well-located near multiple transit options, this site provides an opportunity for the region to add housing and jobs in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Unfortunately, the City’s Planning Commission approved a plan that calls for only office with no housing, a result that would certainly deepen the region’s affordability crisis. SFHAC believes there is a tremendous opportunity here and is pushing for a project that includes no less than the proposed 4,400 homes. You can read more about the Bayland’s plan here.

Brisbane’s proposal to build jobs without creating homes is a prime example of why the Bay Area suffers from an affordability crisis. In order to grow a sustainable region for future generations, we need Brisbane to embrace a mixed-use community with open space, jobs, and mixed-income housing. Every community in the Bay Area needs to make socially responsible decisions. We are all in this together. 

SFHAC will keep advocating for what is right. You can help by signing our petition today!

The Council will be making a decision by August 31st, so you need to speak up now!! Sign our petition to support housing on the Baylands. You can use the embedded message or customize your own.

You can read our complete Brisbane coverage here. Check out our advocacy video here.

We’ve provided an email template but encourage you to write your own message to the City Council.

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