November 17, 2016 Rob Poole

SF Planning Commissioners “Impressed” with MicroPAD

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Planning Commissioners Kathryn Moore and Dennis Richards visited the MicroPAD on 9th and Mission Streets and came away “impressed.” At a recent public hearing, both commented on the design and quality of the unit and believe this is a viable approach to house San Francisco’s homeless population. While there are issues to be worked out regarding labor and land, there is certainly potential to build these projects in our City. Everyone needs to come to the table in order to move this solution forward. Listen to their comments from the November 3rd Planning Commission hearing, below.

The MicroPAD is a 160-square-foot steel, modular unit that is manufactured off-site in a factory. The units are then assembled at the construction site. The developer, Panoramic Interests, has proposed what they believe to be a financially viable plan that could build these units at a scale that would make a real impact on San Francisco’s homelessness epidemic. There is a demo MicroPAD at 9th and Mission Street that is open to the public until it leaves on Tuesday, November¬†22. Check out our blog for more information.

Rob Poole

Rob is the former Development and Communications Manager at SFHAC.

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