August 29, 2016 Ariel Prince

A Chat with Ali Moss, an All-Star Friend of SFHAC

Ali MossAli Moss, a North Beach resident, is a very active “Friend of SFHAC.” She’s been involved with planning, organizing, and promoting SFHAC events, and is the proud wife of an affordable housing developer. We took a few moments to chat with Ali about her vision for the future of San Francisco as well as what makes the city especially unique.

What do you think are the best aspects of being a “Friend of SFHAC?”
I enjoy being a “Friend of SFHAC” because of all the great networking opportunities. I have met tons of very interesting people. It feels wonderful to meet other professionals from various industries who share my concern for housing issues in the city. It is definitely exciting working with this group to try and expand awareness to more and more people.

What has been your favorite SFHAC event in the past year? Why?
The Spring Symposium was my favorite event this year because there was a lot of time for socializing, and the TED Talk-style discussions had very interesting content. It was quite informative and also a lot of fun.

Your husband, Sam, is an affordable housing developer. How has his work impacted your perspective on SF’s housing crisis?
Sam’s work with Mission Housing is what led to my interest in understanding SF’s housing issues. I am glad I have learned about the struggles to build affordable housing. It is interesting because we are middle class millennials who have only been in SF for 8 years. We tend to get demonized for gentrifying the city, yet we strive for more sustainable living options for everyone in SF. I think I have a responsibility to share what I know about the challenges of building affordable housing with people who are new to the city and a little more disconnected with how things work here. It’s been so eye-opening discovering how political this issue is and I’m frustrated by how long it takes to build anything, as well as how much resistance many of the proposed solutions are facing. It seems as though there is a disconnect somewhere, and that is what motivates me to be involved with SFHAC. I want to bridge the gap so we can build more!

What do you like to do on a typical weekend in the city?
In a typical weekend in the city, I definitely like to be outside. I love to sit in my local park, Washington Square Park in North Beach, with a good book and some wine. I love live music so I go to a lot of shows at the amazing small venues we have here, such as the Fillmore and the Fox. I also crave some quiet time on the weekend to decompress, catch up on my Netflix shows, and work on crafting projects.

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Ariel Prince

Ariel is a volunteer at SFHAC. She graduated with a Political Science degree from UC Berkeley, and is incredibly passionate about urban planning and housing policy in San Francisco. In her free time, Ariel enjoys trying new restaurants with friends, photographing the world around her, and cheering on the Cal Golden Bears. She can be reached at

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