February 13, 2015 Housing Action Coalition

Take Action: STOP the Housing Moratorium in the Mission

valencia-24th housing moratoriumBREAKING NEWS: Mission District Supervisor David Campos is proposing a housing moratorium to stop building market-rate housing in a large area around the 24th Street corridor, and would only allow production of 100% affordable housing. If successful, this misguided policy could bring ALL housing production to a halt in this area. 

This is BAD housing policy that not only impacts market-rate housing but will also hurt affordable housing. 

New market-rate housing also pays for affordable housing.* Stopping construction will only exacerbate the problem. Building housing of all kinds improves affordability, reduces displacement and decreases the demand on our existing housing stock. 

Tell Mayor Lee, the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission that a housing moratorium in the Mission is not the answer to our affordability crisis.

Sign the petition!

*Market-rate housing developers by law must produce at least 12% affordable housing on-site, 20% off-site or pay a substantial fee to the Mayors Office of Housing for future affordable housing projects. 


Image credit: San Francisco Days

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