April 7, 2014 Housing Action Coalition

SFHAC Hits Historic Membership Numbers

It is hard to believe we are already in the second week of the second quarter of the year. At our annual membership meeting in January we predicted that it would be an interesting year for the SF Housing Action Coalition, and we weren’t wrong!
Mayor Lee in his state of the city address made housing his rally cry. He’s convened three-task forces to dive deep into finding solutions to our current housing crisis to help him meet his goal of producing and renovating 30,000 homes in the next six-years. The SFHAC is well represented on the Mayor’s Task Force. We have set up several working groups to delve into solutions and recommendations on process, and legislation all with the goal to produce the necessary housing with fewer hurdles. Last week, we released our 9-point Housing Action Plan to share where we will be spending our organizational energy in improving the city’s housing affordability.
All our work would not be possible without the participation and generosity of over 100 SFHAC members! This year, we reached a major milestone for our 15-year non-profit, we’ve broken the 100-member mark! I’d like to take this moment to thank the 50 new SFHAC members that joined this year, and the 67 renewing SFHAC members whose continued support fuels our advocacy. Thank you! We invite you to take a tour through our amazing roster of SFHAC member-supporters.  This is the coalition that membership makes available for professional networking, ideas sharing, and project collaboration. We look forward to working with all of our members throughout this year.
The SFHAC was founded in 1999 during the first dot-com boom when it became evident that a smart-growth advocacy group was needed to publicly support the benefits of urban infill housing. We’ve been able to do this over the years with a small staff and active membership, comprised of all sectors of housing production — from the architect to the land use attorney to developers along with urban livability and neighborhood groups. The SFHAC is truly a broad coalition that supports smart-growth urban infill, as well as the community benefits that accompany it.
This year is looking to be a historic one for housing policy in San Francisco. The SFHAC intends to be on the frontline shaping it. All members are invited to take part in the discussion and share their expertise with us. All members of your organization are encouraged to participate in the SFHAC. It is time to bring the next generation of architects, attorneys, developers and advocates into the discussion to contribute fresh ideas and share in our struggle.
Your voice is essential in advocating for the innovation and civic process improvements needed to build well-designed, well-located housing at all levels of affordability for all current and future San Franciscans. Thank you for being one of the 100+ SFHAC members!

Housing Action Coalition

The Housing Action Coalition is a member-supported non-profit that advocates for the creation of well designed, well-located housing at all levels of affordability. We believe more housing means more choices and better solutions.

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