August 1, 2016 Corey Smith

Join the Eastern Neighborhoods Community Benefits Advisory Group

The City’s Planning Department is searching for residents in the Eastern Neighborhoods to join the Community Benefits Study. We applaud Planning’s efforts to involve the community early in the planning process. They are trying to identify places in the Eastern Neighborhoods where it makes sense to upzone and obtain additional community benefits. The deadline for folks to apply was recently extended a week to August 7th. 

From the Planning Department:

“The Community Benefits Study in the Eastern Neighborhoods is a study led by San Francisco Planning and conducted by consultants Van Meter Williams Pollack and Keyser Marston.

This study will evaluate added heights and additional community benefits on up to ten specific sites located in the Eastern Neighborhoods area (the communities of the Mission District, South of Market, Central Waterfront, and Potrero Hill).

The Community Advisory Group will provide input in this process including but not limited to:

  • Helping in selection of sites to be studied;
  • Evaluating community benefits to be incorporated in exchange for  added heights; and
  • Reviewing consultant work and deliverables at different steps in the process.

The Group will meet approximately once a month for approximately six months, starting in August 2016.

The Group will consist of the following seats:

  • Two residents of the Mission District and/or employees of a Mission based business;
  • Two affordable housing or mixed use developers, preferably with experience working in the Eastern Neighborhoods; and
  • Two to three residents of the broader Eastern Neighborhoods.

This scope of this study may be expanded to a second phase, which will be determined in the following months in coordination with the Advisory Group. “

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition has been an active participant in the Eastern Neighborhood Area Plan and the more recent Mission Action Plan 2020. The City specifically wants members of the affordable housing community to join this Advisory Group. If you have any questions, contact Kimia Haddadan at

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