May 2, 2023 Housing Action Coalition

David Baker Architect’s New Book: 9 Ways to Make Housing for People

HAC’s Regulatory Committee was joined by Daniel Simons, HAC Board Member and Principal at David Baker Architects (DBA) where he presented on the firms’ recent book: 9 Ways to Make Housing for People. The book captures various principles and frameworks (9, to be exact) that guide DBA’s work in creating thriving communities through quality housing and architecture.

During the meeting, Daniel opened with “Cultivating Connection,” the concept that architecture can foster community through shared space, recreation, and amenities.

One of the main takeaways was that while most of the concepts in the book are not novel, they must be achieved through intentionality and purpose throughout the development process. Ways such as “Activate the Edges,” “Get Personal,” and “Make Big Moves” are a part of an architectural ethos that keeps the people at the forefront, and consequently results in “aesthetically powerful…more rational, and more economical” projects.


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