April 4, 2021 Todd David

Building Momentum

From ending exclusionary zoning to legalizing more affordable housing, it’s an especially exciting and promising time to work in housing. The growing movement for more equitable, affordable, and inclusive housing across the Bay Area is why the theme of HAC’s recently-announced Spring Symposium is Building Momentum, and it’s also why everyone at HAC is busier than ever.

In the past pandemic year alone, we’ve doubled the size of our team, expanded our footprint to serve the entire Bay Area, and produced more programming and advocated for more new homes and legislative reforms than ever before. And in just the first quarter of 2021, we’re already on track to exceed our education, legislation, and advocacy goals.

What that means for HAC now is that we’re already needing to expand our team again by (at a minimum) adding a South Bay organizer. With a growing need for more pro-housing advocacy across Santa Clara County, HAC is perfectly positioned to replicate our organizing success in the East Bay and engage new members, electeds, and partners in our work.

Feel free to reach out to me directly to learn more about our plans to add a South Bay organizer. Also, let us know about your plans to build housing in the South Bay so that we can roll up our sleeves and help. I can be reached at todd@sfhac.org or 415-373-8879.

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