June 26, 2018 Housing Action Coalition

SFHAC June 2018 Ballot Proposition Results

The San Francisco Housing Action Coalition took a position on four ballot measures this past election, encouraging you to vote “Yes” on the following measures.


State Prop 69: This measure will require that revenue from the diesel sales tax and Transportation Improvement Fee, as enacted by Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), be used for transportation-related purposes; and exempt revenue generated by SB 1’s tax increases and fee schedules from the state appropriations limit. Investing in our transit infrastructure is critical and was the original intent of Senate Bill 1.

SFHAC had recommended that you vote yes.

Results: Passed Yes with 89.44 percent


Regional Measure 3: Increases tolls on the Bay Area’s seven state-owned bridges, excluding the Golden Gate Bridge, by $1 in 2019, $1 in 2022 and $1 in 2025 to fund regional transportation capital investments. The investments made with the increased revenue would include: $500 million to expand BART’s fleet; $375 million to expand BART to Silicon Valley; $325 million to bring high-speed rail to the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco; $300 million to expand ferry service; and $50 million to implement a new Clipper-based fare system. In addition, the expenditure plan includes up to $60 million annually to support transit operations, including $35 million for ferry service; $20 million for regional express bus service; and $5 million for Transbay Transit Center operations.

SFHAC had recommended that you vote yes.

Results: Passed Yes with 50.87 percent


Local Proposition D: Commercial Rent Tax for Housing and Homelessness. This measure would have imposed a tax on individuals and businesses that receive income from the lease or sublease of commercial space, primarily offices. The measure would have exempted certain spaces, including non-profits used for production, distribution and repair (including industrial, warehouse and similar uses), retail sales and services (including chain stores) and entertainment, arts and recreation.  

There were two commercial rent taxes on the ballot this election, Proposition C and D. Only one of them would be able to take effect, the one with more votes.  However, Proposition C required a simple majority to pass and Proposition D required two-thirds of the vote to pass. Because our mission is to support more housing, we only took a position on Proposition D.

Please note that HAC was bothered that City Hall pitted child care vs affordable housing.  San Francisco needs both. It is shameful that the progressives and moderates chose to use the need for child care and affordable housing as a political football instead of working together to figure out a reasonable funding solution for both.

SFHAC had recommended that you vote yes on Prop D.

Results: Prop C passed with 50.87%, Prop D failed with 44.93%.


Prop F: Legal Representation for Tenants. This measure requires the City of San Francisco to create a program to provide free legal representation for all San Francisco residential tenants facing eviction. Through this new program, tenants will be entitled to full scope legal representation — including appearing on behalf of the tenant in court proceedings and representing the tenant throughout the case — within 30 days of receiving an eviction notice or being served with an eviction lawsuit. Providing an attorney for all tenants, and making sure tenants are aware of their rights, is critical.

SFHAC had recommended that you vote yes on Prop F.

Results: Passed with 55.74%

In the end, 3 of the 4 ballot measures SFHAC’s recommended for support ended up passing.

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